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Laser Dynamics, Inc.

Quality Parts at Competitive Prices
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Laser Dynamics is a state of the art sheet metal fabrication job shop specializing in quality parts at competitive prices.  Handling any size production run is what makes Laser Dynamics stand out among the ever-growing competition.  We currently have 5 Mazak Flat Laser Cutting Systems, complete with Load-Unload Systems that allow for completely automated production runs 24/7.  For those in need of a Tube Laser Cutting solution, our 2 BLM Adige Tube Laser Cutters ensure quality cut parts every time.  The options for Laser Cut Tubing are endless!  Along with a complete fabrication system consisting of 5 Amada Brake Presses and a Robotic Weld Cell; Laser Dynamics also offers CNC Turning and Milling Services that are sure to save you time and money. With our recent addition of an Amada Turret Punch, we can quickly and more efficiently create large quantities of quality parts with faster lead time and greater speed than ever before.


Laser Dynamics Announces Addition of New Tube Laser

Laser Dynamics is pleased to announce the addition of a new Mazak 6-Axis Tube Laser with load/unload capabilities. The all new Mazak FabriGear 220 will bring a new dimension of quality and speed to the diverse equipment used every day at Laser Dynamics. We expect to have this machine in production by Mid-December 2011.

Mazak Fabrigear 220 at Laser Dynamics, Inc.

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Scheduled to be in production in December 2011, the new Mazak Fabrigear 220 can cut larger-sized material with faster speed and better accuracy then ever before. Six-axis laser cutting will allow Laser Dynamics to cut virtually any angle into a tube, making it easier for assemblies and other sensitive tolerance situations.

Video Credit: Gladwin Machinery