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Laser Cut Steel

Brake Forming

Brake press forming or bending is a refined process that transforms metal into the precise shape you need.

Essentially, the brake machine clamps the metal between a punch and die, applying force to bend it into the desired shape. The customizable punch and die can be used to create everything from simple 90-degree angles to complex shapes.

It takes a lot of force to bend sheet metal, but our state-of-the-art brake presses can create clean, accurate bends that stay in place with minimal spring back.

Brake Forming
Laser Cutting

Brake Forming Applications.

  • Metal enclosures

  • Brackets

  • Furniture pieces

  • Architectural elements like stair treads and handrails

  • Ductwork

  • Automotive parts

  • Industrial equipment

  • And more

Our Brake Forming Machines

Our Brake Forming Machines.

  • Cone 4ft.  / 30ton

  • Amada 4ft. / 50ton

  • Amada 8ft. / 88 ton

  • Cincinnati Proform 12ft. / 230 ton

  • Cincinnati Proform 12ft. / 135 ton

  • Cincinnati Proform 6ft. / 60 ton

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