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Laser Cut Steel

Flat Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting service cuts down on both time and cost by fully automating the cutting process.

Laser cutting uses a highly concentrated beam of laser light to cut flat sheet metal into various shapes and pieces. It's faster and more precise than other cutting methods, making it possible to cut intricate designs quickly, accurately, and with minimal material waste.


Employing the latest laser technology makes our cutting process highly efficient and cost-effective.

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

Flat Laser Cutting Applications.

Flat laser cutting is commonly used to make brackets, panels, electronics and medical equipment enclosures, ductwork, grilles, gears, sprockets, and more. Essentially, anything that can be created out of a flat metal sheet can be created through flat laser cutting.


Our versatile machines work with various thicknesses and materials.

Our Flat Laser Cutting Machines.

Our Flat Laser Cutting Machines.

  • Two Cincinnati CL-900 8wK Fiber Lasers

  • One Mazak 4.0 kw. = 5x10 w/FMS - Optiplex Fiber 

  • One Amada Regious 3015 AJ 12kW Fiber Laser with TK 3015L Part Sorter

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